Taylor Mohr


Yoga is the mirror in which I found myself. In 2009, my life was focused around being a helicopter flight crewmember in the US Coast Guard and playing roller derby. It was then that I found Baptiste Power Yoga as a compliment to all the action. Little did I know that finding some stillness would lead me on a path to finding and loving the woman, wife, and mother I never dreamed of being. I have completed 200-Hour yoga teacher training with Power Yoga Academy and have a Masters degree in counseling. My passion for meeting people exactly as they are allows for an exploration of new possibilities and perspectives. By combining my educational background with life experiences, primarily my personal experience of the transformative power of yoga, my intention is to create space for tapping into awareness and intuition. I am committed to the belief that each individual has the knowledge within themselves to find their own path, and I am inspired by witnessing each glimpse of self-awareness that allows us all to create and fully participate in our life as we know it!