Our heated power yoga classes are primarily based on the powerful Baptiste Yoga Methodology, designed to empower you with the focus, training and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. The classes are available to all levels, ages, physical ability and background. No matter who you are, come just AS YOU ARE… and we will deliver—not just a class— but a whole experience that leaves you feeling physically energized, revitalized and mentally awakened to your full potential, passion and new possibilities in all areas of your life.


A complete hot power yoga workout…move, breath, lunge, twist, stretch and of course…. relax. In less than an hour.  We will actually teach you something specific so you will learn something every single class. Convenient for your life. Come as regularly as you can and you will see results, fast! In your body and in your life!


45-minute version of our heated power yoga workout will get you in and out, properly Fluxed and back to your busy life feeling happier and more alive than before. No rush, plenty of time for everything: even a nice savasana. The instruction will be concise and simple, easy to follow with less talking and more space for you to discover and listen to your body.

Power Yoga 101

Power yoga is for anyone! In this class we will instruct you from the very ground up to give you a solid foundation for our FLUX Power Yoga classes. There will be demonstration and time for Q & A. Each class will have a specific focus. We recommend you take 4 in 4 weeks while you are taking our FLUX classes, and each week you will learn something new. Come with an open mind, be ready to sweat, have fun and feel amazing!



About Baptiste Yoga

Baptiste Yoga™ is practiced by people across the world and from all walks of life; from professional athletes; parents, teachers, Fortune 500 executives, and community leaders; individuals who have shaken depression, dissolved anxiety or lost weight and kept it off; people who have created inner peace, passionate relationships; sparked inspiration in their life’s work and created new possibilities in virtually every realm of life.

Living the practice and using the tools of Baptiste Yoga™ you can truly experience the powerful momentum that comes from living life at the peak. The distinctions, practices and tools of Baptiste Yoga™ supercharge those aspects of your self and your life where you are already able and successful and produce breakthroughs in power and ability where your vitality and way of being or dealing with your life circumstances and challenges has been less than optimal.

The Baptiste Methodology™ allows for real results in an astonishingly short amount of time. People often notice and comment that they are amazed that such potent and concrete results can be produced in so quickly.